Learning Management Systems

Client Profile - Public Charter School

Purpose - Preserve and teach language, culture, and heritage in an engaging manner

Industry - Elementary & Secondary Education

Size - Several hundred students, teachers, and administrators

Solution - Design and deploy granted funded, innovative learning management system designed to promote education and preserve culture


KEYS Grace Academy, a public charter school in Michigan, required specialized software to help their students preserve culture and native language. While the academy caters to all, it has a special focus for refugees and recent immigrants. Many of these are traumatized by war and persecution. We were tasked to figure out how to develop and deploy customized software specific to the objective of preserving several local dialects and cultural traditions. Our team worked with the school’s domain experts to craft an affordable solution.

Select Requirements

Introduction to foreign letter sounds

Color-coded word matching (i.e. the English translation would be color-coded to match the Surath translation)

Click-on/hover-over foreign word to see English transliteration

Audio matching comparisons for accurate their pronunciation

Practice exercises where audio phrases may be matched with visuals

Voice recordings at different speaking rates

Provide conversation and grammar objectives

Sentence construction exercises

Provide grammar notes and cultural lessons

Distinguish between understood and literal definitions

Allows users to rate concept understanding

Dictionary of the words or phrases learned

Bespoke Solution

Over several weeks of discovery, the school’s priorities and budget became clear. We ramped up development 2-3 days later and have never looked back. User experience is key to a positive learning experience, parent buy-in, as well as measurable student progress. Our artisans took early prototypes and crafted a look and feel that resonated with the product owners. Feature after feature was built under the tutelage of rare, bright, and deeply knowledgeable cultural domain experts. Expectations were exceeded, students were edified, and we came in under budget!