Large Enterprise IT Strategy Review + Ongoing Resourcing

Client Profile - 720,000+ member Alumni Association - Tier 1 midwestern university

Solution - Hybrid and native mobile applications, CMS, Sashido backend, Data analytics, Marketing and media strategy

Industry - Higher Education and Membership Management

Solution - Specific tech stack & workflow recommendations with respect to analytics, information silos, and iterative culture; database solutions


The largest alumni association in the United States needed to better engage their membership. They figured that their 720,000+ members may benefit from heightened awareness of university and compatriot needs. Being in the know, we participated in an executive council, quickly assessed pain points, and voiced reasoned strategies for better social and analytic performance. We then scaled database analysts that flexibly accrue hours. This makes budgeting a breeze while delivering quality service.


The association’s members are more aware of special activities, fundraisers, and general community development. Useful data is being parsed efficiently by the right people in the right doses. Developers and database pros are ramped up and down on the fly.