Sourcing - Offshore Office

Client Profile - EHR Vendor

Industry - Health Informatics and Information Technology

Size - 13k Providers, 50k Users

Solution - International Office Site Search, Business Model Development, Local Consultant Evaluation, Specific Building Site Evaluations, Lease and Build Out Negotiations, Executive Search


A well-known health IT firm sought to lower development costs while seeking rapid expansion into various market segments. They needed step by step help in creating an offshore development subsidiary, including site selection and human resource support. Our team provided subject matter experts at each juncture, a site visit, and ultimately produced top tier talent with a contract for prime office space. All at 5-10% less y-o-y than comparable sites.

Business Requirements

Assess and recommend human resources and initial expense model

Find and engage a local consultant

Develop case for the most advantageous geographical area

Create an offshore subsidiary company with respect to local laws and customs

Distill potential office sites to the most viable few

Arrange for site evaluations

Conduct local executive search and interviews with an eye toward talent, experience, communications capacity, and commitment

Provide final site, labor, and communications recommendations

Bespoke Solutions

Our team operationalized a CEO’s good idea from scratch. We tapped culturally competent resources to determine that a less well known area would be ideal for purpose. Senior client executives were impressed not only with potential savings, but business concerns like talent pool, attrition rate, language skills, security, continuity, connectivity, and scalability. The number of hires favored creating a wholly owned subsidiary.

The client wanted the right people to run the subsidiary. We ramped up an executive search in collaboration with the client’s HR department. Upon site visit, the client’s senior executives were ready to occupy space and hire talent. From concept to contract execution, we took 5 months and were remarkably cost efficient.