Qleedo foundation

Client Profile - iOS & Android Mobile Development

Solution - Hybrid and native mobile applications, CMS, Sashido backend, Data analytics, Marketing and media strategy


The Qleedo Foundation, which supports an ancient Middle Eastern and Indian faith community and its recently established worldwide diaspora, wanted a handy way to deliver timely content, foster deeper connectivity, and raise resource awareness among adherents. MAVA Partners conceptualized, developed, and marketed a novel application while fostering value-based global collaboration.

Business Requirements

Index texts to display at the appropriate time with respect to season, day, & hour

Promote a sense of devotion through aesthetic and functional elegance

Offer studies on notable leaders

Aggregate, index, and deliver music and video

Offer multiple versions of the same subject matter based on language & user preference

Use location services to help find local congregations

Allow for notifications to target users based on location and preference

Analyze user data while respecting privacy and security

Bespoke Solutions

Over a period of 2.5 months, we engaged solid developers that knew client practices, arranged for sponsor support and procured content. Hybrid apps Version 1.0.x were released for Android and Apple devices in late 2014. Subsequently, native applications were deployed and a backend content management system was created for domain experts. Media and marketing coordination convinced a critical mass to download the app. Client expectations were exceeded and robust iterative development continues. All at affordable pricing.


Adherents value a novel tool for spiritual growth. Qleedo Foundation generates and provides relevant, timely data that aids the faith community with its mission.