Software Development - OpenEMR Customization

Client Profile - Major Medical School

Industry - Medical Education

Size - 150-200 medical students per year

Solution - Design and deploy granted funded, innovative medical education tool


OpenEMR is a popular open source, ONC certified clinical medical practice management application that’s HIPAA compliant. It’s a fully integrated electronic health record, practice management, patient scheduling, e-prescribing and electronic billing solution. Tons of free & paid support, a vibrant community, and a whole lot more is included. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and cloud platforms. We customized and deployed a novel instance for a prominent medical school.

Bespoke Solutions

OpenEMR Features & Enhancements

General Features

Electronic Medical Records - Comes with everything you’d expect, including e-prescribing

Patient Demographics - Meet compliance targets!

Procedure Module - A snap to find and order

Archive Module - Create and maintain an archive

Patient Scheduling - Customize the calendar to your location, providers, and staffing

User Roles - Permissions for various user roles and levels of access are configurable

Fully Customizable Theme - The look and feel of openEMR is fully customizable. It adapts to you!

Reports - Easily generate customized reports that may be exported. Import via CCD

Lab Module - Customized lab module interface brings superior usability

Pharmacy Dispensary - Support for in-house prescription dispensing

Patient Portal - A robust communication system fully integrated!

MS/Email Notifications - Notify patients about an upcoming appointment

Our Artisan Academic Features

Collaborative Documents - Shared document to facilitate collaboration

Learning Management System - Integration with a learning management system (like Canvas)

Viewers - Built in viewers allow for DICOM, DICOM series, and a wide variety of images & documents

Integrations and Single Sign On - Work with third-party products via APIs & single sign on


Faculty and students were wowed by the functionality and simplicity of our deliverables. Students reported feeling like they were treating actual patients in their classroom environments. Faculty gleaned fantastic types of data packaged neatly. Many commented that our build rivaled the multimillion dollar outpatient system sourced from a large cloud based software provider. All in about three months from work order to go-live on a tight grant funded budget.

Further Potential - An EHR for psychiatrists & mental health practitioners?

Privacy, security, customizability, and cost drive technology adoption in mental health. Since resident physicians already work with electronic records, practices still on paper face an additional threat to practice value if they need to sell.

An openEMR deployment tailored to the way you practice minimizes transition time, securely supports patient and physician rights, and enhances the value of your practice. Reach out to us for a free initial consultation! We’re talking about an extremely affordable solution!